Rental Items

Stick Scaffolding

Walk through Scaffolding
Ladder box Scaffolding
Side Arms
Screw Jacks
Base Plates
Caster Wheels
Guard Rail Posts
Safety Poles

7 cf Essicks Mixers

14" MK Diamond Brick Saw

Skytrack 6000 lb Reach Lifts

M Series Units
P Series Units
F Series Units .
Wall Ties
Forward Extensions

Grout Pumps (limited availability)


About Us

ABC Equipment was established in 1995 to provide equipment solutions to Arkansas' Mason and Construction Workers. In 1999 we opened a second location in Fayetteville to better support the growing market in Northwest Arkansas.

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Rental Rates, Delivery Service, Rental Purchase

Rental Process - Customer Pick Up, Return by Customer, Return Pick-Up, Late Returns, Issues with Equipment

Rental Rates & Periods

Rent is charged for all time out
Standard rental periods are as follows:

  • Daily - 1 overnight period. Due back by the end of the following day
  • Weekly - 7 consecutive days
  • Monthly - 28 consecutive days

Delivery Service

We offer delivery to and from local job sites for an additional fee. This fee is based on the type of equipment being delivered and the location of delivery. Contact your ABC rental representative for details on your order. Top

Rental Purchase Option

ABC Equipment is proud to offer a Rental Purchase Option on rental contracts. This program is designed to allow you the customer to apply a certain percentage of the rental fees paid towards the purchase price of the equipment you have rented. We have found that often a customer may wish to purchase an item at the end of the rental period. This program will allow for a certain percentage of the rental fees to be applied towards the purchase price.

Rental inventory will carry a purchase price based upon a pre-determined depreciation schedule. Your ABC rental representative can give you the current sale price on any item you rent. 20 percent of rental fees paid over the first 3 months may be applied against the purchase price. Top

Program Guidelines

The rental purchase option applies towards the specific item rented on a particular rental transaction, and may not be applied towards the purchase of other items from other rental transactions.

Purchase price is the price available for purchase on the date of contract closing

All rental fees must be paid in full up to the date of purchase

Purchase must be made within 30 days of the closing of the rental contract

Purchase Option applies to the actual piece of equipment rented and may not be applied towards the purchase of any other item

All equipment is sold as is with no warranty

All sales are final

How the Rental process works

Who we rent to

We rent to anyone with a charge account in good standing

What to expect when you pickup your rental equipment

  • We will greet you courteously with a smile and our full attention
  • We will review the details of your rental and discuss/answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to ask!
  • We will print the rental contract and present it for you to review and sign
  • We will show you the equipment you are rentiin and review how to start the equipment, how to properly use it and we will answer any questions you may have regarding it's operation, safe use, transportation, or any other questions
  • We will load your equipment into your vehicle
  • We will thank you for your business
  • Top

What to expect when you return your rental equipment

  • We will greet you courteously with a smile and our full attention
  • We will unload your rental items for you
  • We will inspect the equipment, check it's performance and refuel it (if applicable)
  • We will close your rental contract and present you your final bill
  • We will post the final charges for your rental to your account
  • We will thank you for your business
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What to expect if we pick-up your rental equipment

  • We will coordinate with you as to where the equipment will be, where the keys will be (if applicable) and any other pick-up details that are necessary
  • Upon arrival for pick-up our driver/representative will inspect the equipment and note any issues
  • We will retrieve the equipment and return it to our location
  • We will refuel the equipment (if applicable), record the hour meter (if applicable) and review the condition of the equipment
  • If there is any damage to the equipment for which you have full or partial responsibility, we will communicate that with you quickly and explain the charges
  • We will close out your rental contract and post the final charges to your account
  • Top

What to expect if you are late returning your rental equipment

  • It is very common for rentals to extend beyond their original time frame due to weather, construction delays and a myriad of other reasons
  • If you need to extend your rental, we will renew your rental and send you a copy of the contract
  • If you never return the equipment we will file a police report with local authorities and will pursue both civil and criminal charges
  • We will sell you the unreturned equipment on the credit card you provided at the time of rental
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What to expect if you have trouble with the equipment

  • We absolutely understand that sometimes people have trouble using equipment
  • We absolutely understand that despite our best efforts there are times when equipment fails while on rent
  • We do not hold you repsonsible for either of these events AS LONG AS YOU CALL AND TELL US PROMPTLY
  • We WILL hold you responsible for rental fees based on all time out, not time used, if you do not report a problem until you return the equipment. We will not credit for problems we are not told about at the time of the rental.
  • If we delivered your equipment, we will bring you an alternate and pick-up the defective unit
  • If you experience a flat tire during the course of your rental (if applicable) we will dispatch a tire service to repair the tire promptly, and we will pass along this cost to you. While we can ensure a safe and reliable set of tires on all our equipment, we cannot take responsibility for flat tires that happen on job sites.
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What not to expect

  • We generally don't schedule pick-up times. Pick-ups are done as truck capacity is available. Equipment may sit on your job site for a day or longer after you have called for pick-up.
  • Please keep the equipment secured as your responsibility for it does not end until it is back in our possession, regardless of when you called for pick-up
  • You will not be charged for the time between when you called the equipment off rent and when we actually retrieve it, unless you are using it when we arrive for pick-up. In that case, the rental period is considered ended when we load the equipment onto the truck.
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Project Supervision

Our staff will help analyze your project needs so you optimize costs and scheduling. Together, we determine a logistics plan, a time plan and an appropriate rental package.

Transport / Erection

We ensure on-time deliveries and pick-ups directly to/from your jobsite. Additionally, our highly trained staff can assist your onsite team in erection and dismantling procedures and strategies.

Contact Us

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    (800) 850 8357
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